I Died Last Night

I Died Last Night

A man said to his financial advisor, “I died last night.  Tell me, what happened to my estate and the financial well-being of my family.”  He was trying to determine his financial readiness in the event of his death.  But had his death actually occurred, this would not have been his greatest concern.  Let’s suppose that I had died last night.  What would be my greatest concern?

My first concern would be in regard to my personal relationship with God.  Did I become a Christian?  Did I receive the gospel message into my heart, repent of past sins, and was I baptized for the remission of those sins (Acts 2:38)?  This would be my greatest concern.

Did I live a faithful Christian life to the very end (Revelation 2:10)?  That would be my second concern.  Did I worship God according to His instruction?  Did I live a life patterned after His life?  Did I reflect His attitude toward others?  Was I loving, generous, and kind?

My third great concern would be in regard to my family’s spiritual well-being.  Was I the kind of husband that God would have had me to be?  Will my children become Christians and be faithful as a result of my teaching and example (Ephesians 6:4)?  Oh, how pressing this issue would be if I had died last night.

My fourth great concern would be in regard to my influence on others.  Am I, even though dead, yet speaking to my acquaintances in such a way that will encourage them to so live as to get to heaven (Hebrews 11:4)?

One morning someone will ask, “Did you hear that (your name) died last night?”  And when that appointed day comes, our great concern will not be our estate but rather the well-being of our soul and the souls of our loved ones.  Now is the only time to make preparation for that event.

  • Jack Harriman, pulpit minister & teacher