The Kendall-Balls’ Most Recent Update – August 2020

To our beloved partners, Here is our newsletter with our comings and goings, as far as Covid-19 allows. Keep us in prayer please, and when you can come see us.


Dear Friends and fellow workers,

We pray that this finds you well, and staying safe.  From what we can catch of US news, you are being hammered with Covid, and we pray for you all daily.  We are well, and restrictions here are easing somewhat.  We are now allowed to drive further than 5 miles from home, and some businesses are reopening.  Masks are required in any situation indoors, and we still are not able to meet as a church family.  We are really longing for that day to come.  We are able to meet with church family in homes in small groups, as long as we still practice  social distancing.  If we gather outside,we could be with upto 15 people, but that still limits which families could get together. We have four families with four children each!  We were able to spend the 4th of July with two families from our congregation, but had to remain outdoors.  It was a rather cloudy, cold day, and we spent our time wrapped in blankets, but it was worth every minute!

We have been able to welcome several couples into our home, which has been amazing, and we even had a 4-hour lunch out on one of the lochs last week with a couple from Edinburgh.  We were able to book a table at a lochside restaurant, and enjoyed the catching  up and sharing with these dear people.

We are still meeting online three times a week for study, communion, and fellowship.  Technology has really been a blessing in this way.

Our big news is a result of many months of prayer.  Since Judy was so very ill in December, combined with the lockdown, we realized that we are very isolated out here on the farm.  While we have enjoyed our time here, we felt we really needed to get back into Falkirk, and asked God to guide us in our search for a home that would serve both us and the church family.  With Judy’s mobility issues, the home needs to be on ground level, and we really need space for midweek meetings, and fellowship gatherings.  We also prayed that God would either make our way clear or close the path if it wasn’t His will.  We started looking online for what is known as a bungalow here, preferably three bedrooms and two baths, at an affordable rental.  Bungalows are rarely available, so we were ready for a long search.  We did find a really suitable bungalow, less than 5 miles from the community centre where our small congregation gathers, and there is one family less than a mile from the house.  There was to be one day of viewing, with 20 minute slots offered.  We were the 7th couple to view the property that day, and were told that the list was extensive.  We really felt this could be a long-term home for us, and very conducive for the church family.  The lounge would hold our midweek class with ease, and off street parking for at least 4 cars was part of the property.  If you’ve ever been to Scotland, you would appreciate this factor alone, as usually, in town, you’re blessed if you have one parking space.  We threw our hat in the ring, and were told that we would be notified if the owners chose us. We were chosen and felt very much at peace.  We passed the reference checks, and have been told that we can give notice to our current landlord. We have our moving dates–24-25 August– and we pick up keys next Monday.  The landlady does not want us to sign a lease until things she wants fixed have been done to her satisfaction.

Being back in Falkirk will be so good for many reasons.  Financially, we will save diesel and car maintenance.   There’s the time factor, too.  Not as much time traveling means more time for serving.  There is a bus stop right outside the gate of the new home, and we both have senior bus passes that give us free travel.

The church family, while they have all loved coming to the farm, can now drop in more often.  One young lady has already staked claim to the guest room for time outs.  There is a “chippy” ( a fish & chip shop) just across and down the street which is ranked in the top 5 in Scotland.  There is a no-maintenance garden, which will help Ken with the healing of his tendonitis.  An added bonus for Ken is there is an abundance of walking trails very close, which will help with controlling his sugar levels.   All in all, it will be a good move, but we face the fact we do have to move again to get this.  Ken is hauling down boxes from the attic, and we are starting the process, yet again.

Our new address will be

11 North Main Street,

Carronshore, Falkirk

FK2 8HW, Scotland.

Please pray for us, that we can be strong through this, and make this new home a blessing to all who come to us.  We were blessed to be a part of President Trump’s stimulus checks, and will use those funds to get the furniture and appliances moved for us.  Blessings come in many forms, don’t they!

Stay safe, everyone, and come see us!  We will have a guest room, with a real bed, ready for you.

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