Churches of Christ offering livestream worship | The Christian Chronicle

For those of you still quarantining due to health concerns or other issues, you can watch livestream worship services online. The link below is not an all-inclusive list, but does include options from a lot of places. You may also be able to find services broadcast on your local TV, cable, or satellite channels.

Another option is ‘In Search of the Lord’s Way’. This is a Church of Christ TV program.  It has audio and video of recent programs; links to donate, and to request transcripts, CDs, DVDs, and Study Guides; a map to find a TV station to watch the program; an interactive map to find a congregation if you travel out of town and want to find a church where you are; links to Social Media – like Facebook – to connect with and follow “In Search of the Lord’s Way”; links to their monthly newsletter, and lots of other resources.

We hope you find this information useful and uplifting. May the Lord bless each of you according to his will as you have needs.

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