There are 6 types of wounds a person can suffer.

Abrasive- the skin is scrapped off. This can result from carrying a rough object – like a rough wooden beam (John 19:17).

Contused- caused by a heavy blow (Mark 15:19, Luke 22:63).

Incised- produced by a sharp object, such as a piece of metal or bone (John 19:1).

Lacerated- the flesh is torn open, leaving jagged edges (John 19:1).

Penetrated- the flesh is pierced through, such as with a nail or like object (John 20:25).

Punctured- as with a spiked instrument (John 19:34).

Of these wounds, Jesus suffered ALL OF THEM.

Why? For you. β€œHe was wounded for your transgressions (sins) – Isaiah 53:5