The Kendall-Balls’ Most Recent Update – December 2020


Here is our last report for this year. What a year it has been, but we pray and hope for good things and God’s blessings on us all for the new year. As you will read, we have made plans to conclude our reporting trip (which was derailed by the pandemic and has kept us in virtual isolation since March) in late April-May, if the travel is permitted. We are well and our spirits are high because the Lord has been mindful of us and we are blessed beyond what we could have imagined. We have relocated to the most wonderful property in Carronshore, and we are discovering that our neighborhood is full of young families. Please join us in prayer that we might reveal God’s lights and love as we begin to get out and about to meet them. We pray that all the isolation and fearful attitudes that have prevailed for so long will create opportunities for the Gospel to be delivered in sweet tones of love and acceptance and allow God to use us to draw more people to Him.

December 2020 report (1).pdf – OneDrive (

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